sol yoga operates by help from our wonderful volunteers in our work exchange program. We have over 20 committed team members at any one time covering everything from opening the studios, answering phones and email to stocking water and cleaning bathrooms.  They keep things running smoothly and we are immensely grateful for their tireless efforts. 

Special Thanks to our ‘management team’  Kristina Molinari O'Boyle, Erin Sprague, Jaime Russell, Shanna Gallegos, Christa Angelo, Julie Skaarup and Janani Nadarajah.  Staffer, Yael Shafer.  Work Exchange Volunteers include: Alice, Meredith, Courtney, Jenn, Erica, Mic, Chris, Leeann, Keiko, Erin D. Kelsie, Michelle P., Michelle G., Kim, Cheryl, Bonnie, Kathy F., Heather, Kathy N., Kelly, Jenn T., Stephanie, Kristin, Katia, Brooke ,Charity, and Leah.