2016 RYT 500 Program

Teaching yoga is one of the greatest services you can render, and is one of the most honorable occupations you can have. To help someone relieve some of their suffering and see them rediscover the happiness and love in their life is one of the greatest possible rewards.
— John Friend

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Equip yourself with the tools required to become a transformational gentle or vinyasa flow yoga teacher in this six month, 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved program. This program will require you to dig deep and work hard as you examine your own personal practice and explore the vast tradition of yoga from many perspectives.  Sol Yoga Teacher Training (SYTT) is an established, comprehensive program offering a wealth of knowledge from esteemed local and international teachers.   Areas of study include asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, history, teaching methodology, anatomy, physiology, Ayurveda and much more.  The SYTT covers all 8 limbs of the yogic path in addition to an in-depth exposure to the study of Ayurveda (sister science of yoga) and inspires trainees to practice and teach yoga to support holistic health, wellness and life balance to all levels of students.

Together with fellow trainees you will learn, practice, teach, play and have fun while creating lifetime relationships.  Upon completion of this program, your teaching style will embody the wisdom of the sages and the uniqueness of you. Whether you ultimately decide to teach yoga or not, your personal practice will be transformed for the better.  This program sells out each year.  Register early. Upon completion of all requirements, you are eligible for your 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status.  Additionally, you can apply to any 500 hour yoga teacher training program for continued education.  


The focus of training will include: 

  • Yoga Asana, alignment, benefits, safety, Sanskrit
  • Modifications, variations, prop usage & teaching yoga to various levels
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Meditation
  • Yoga philosophy & history – 8 limbs of yoga, Sutras, Bhagvagita, Koshas, etc
  • Ayurveda – sister science of yoga
  • Yoga anatomy & physiology
  • Teaching methodology: structuring & sequencing a well rounded class
  • Chanting & Bhakti Yoga
  • Chakra System & energy
  • Ethics & Business of Yoga

This program is Yoga Alliance Approved. 


Registration for 2016 is now open!    


8 Weekends from May – October 2016.  Fri 6:30-9:30pm / Sat & Sun 8-4:30pm
2016 DATES:MAY 13-15/ MAY 20-22/  JUNE 3-5/  JULY 8-10/ AUG 5-7 / AUG 26-28 / 
SEPT 9-11/ OCT 7-9


  • Complete participation in all required sessions.
  • 4 Wed Night Teaching Circles 6:30p-9:30p: Dates to be determined.
  • 35 Yoga Classes (30 at Sol Yoga, 5 from other studios)
  • *this is less than 2 classes per week & you may begin this requirement upon registration.
  • Additional assignments will be given throughout the course of the training


$2800 if you register by December 31, 2015
$3000 after Dec 31
Plus books & 35 yoga classes
Application & deposit deadline Feb 15, 2016 (or until program is full) 

$700 (or $750 after Dec 31) deposit due with application
2nd payment of $700 (or $750 if late) due by Feb 15, 2016.
Remainder due by April 15, 2016
***if suffering financial difficulty, extended payment or scholarships plan may be available at a higher rate. email us. 



Possibility 1: register for our full 8 weekend teacher training program. The 2016 program is now open for registration. For full program registration,  email [email protected] for application & mail with deposit of $700 to Sol Yoga, 256 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701*Note - there are minimum requirements for participation listed on application). 

To register online, email [email protected] for application and click here for online deposit link. 

Possibility 2: develop your yoga practice on the specific topics that interest you. Join us for part day sessions, workshop style, with no requirements or application. See workshops descriptions & rates listed separately.  Visit our 'workshops' tab on our full schedule. 


Dorcas Quynn McWilliams, E-RYT 500 is founder & director of Sol Yoga and has been a teacher for over 15 years. After 20 years in martial arts, she discovered her passion in yoga and has been immersed in the practice ever since. With a blended professional training of Vinyasa & Kripalu Yoga Styles, from renowned yoga teachers worldwide, Dorcas offers a wide spectrum of yoga to her students. Since 1999, she has taught to thousands of people of all levels and believes strongly that yoga can be accessible and enlightening for everyone.  With joy, lightness and warmth, Dorcas is honored to guide students toward reaching their full potential as teachers of yoga.  

Other great staff and guest teachers will join us throughout the program.



“The training deepened my practice tremendously in ways I had never anticipated and
it enriched my life philosophy.” 

“I found a part of myself and that is the key to becoming a good teacher.”  

“I could never have foreseen the growth I would have as an individual.”  

“I loved the Ayurveda portion!” 

“I’ve discovered many aspects of yoga that I hadn’t been exposed to and it inspires me…”  

“My passion for teaching, yoga, mind, body, spirit and life have all been enhanced through this training.”  

“ I had so much fun (and) made such good friends.”  

“It was a life changing experience for me.” 
Sol Yoga Teacher Training Graduates


Many of these questions have come directly from inquires about our program. Please feel free toemail us with other questions (and you might see them added to the list!).

How much training do you have to have before starting the program? 
We require at least 1 year of regular yoga practice. On average, our past SYTT graduates practiced 3 times per week for at least 1 year prior to the start of this program. But you may qualify with less, if you have recently fallen in love with Yoga and have been practicing VERY frequently. 

What is a typical training weekend like?
With about 20 hours of training each weekend, they are jam packed and schedule oriented.  We vary the learning environment to include lecture, hands on experience, yoga practice, group activities, etc. Sometimes we sit for long periods of time, other weekends we practice a lot, it just depends on the nature of the topic we are covering (meditation vs. Vinyasa yoga!). Most of the time, we snack during training or have a ‘working’ lunch, so you should come prepared for a full 8.5 hr day.

How many books were required and are there tests related to reading these books? 
There are about 10 required books.  There are informal and formal tests and much of the information does come from the books, but we usually discuss it as well.

How much time is required for studying?
That is really up to you.  The people that get the most out of this program maximize the required books, complete all assignments and make a considerable out of class effort to learn about yoga. For most weekends, there are homework assignments ranging from reading, short papers, class planning, creative projects, etc. There is ample time to complete these assignments between weekends.

What do I do with my certification once I have completed the program? Will you work with Sol Yoga?
Many people choose to start teaching immediately and for those people, Sol Yoga offers many opportunities including mentoring & hands on assisting programs as well as opportunities to be on our regular class schedule.  Others choose not to teach at all or wait to start teaching, which we also support!

Am I fit enough and do I have an advanced enough practice to handle YTT?  
The perception that teacher training is largely a physical training is a myth.  Rather, one of the biggest complaints is that it’s really hard to sit on the floor and pay attention to all the information being presented. There will certainly be periods of intense physical practice and advanced posture clinics, but as always, in any yoga class at Sol Yoga, you must adjust to care for yourself.  You will learn to embody this concept so you can teach it to your students.

Did we have to learn a lot of Sanskrit?
Sanskrit names will be offered, and there is a suggested book to help with memorization and pronunciation, but there is not a strong emphasis or requirement that you must master it. 

I don’t think I could ever stand in front of a class and teach.  
On the first night of training, you can never imagine the growth you will experience.  We don’t throw you into the fire immediately! You slowly begin teaching, with partners, in small groups, and in teams. You create classes on paper and get written feedback and over the course of 8 months, you slowly build your abilities and confidence.

I LOVE yoga but honestly don't know If I want to teach, therefore I'm not sure if I should spend the money.    
If you read the testimonials of actual participants in the program, you begin to see how the benefits of the program extend well beyond teaching yoga.  In fact, the intention of YTT is to benefit your personal practice, which influences your teaching. Many start out doing it for themselves and then realize they are good at teaching and become teachers in the end. And if not, you always have the certification should you change your mind. It’s well worth the investment.

Don't you have to be an advanced yoga student to be a good yoga teacher? 
No. Not in the sense that you can do tricky poses and flashy sequences. If you teach from the heart and care for your students, you have the greatest potential as a teacher.

What kind of yoga will I be qualified to teach when I graduate from this program?
This program prepares you to teach gentle, non-flow, Hatha yoga as well as Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  You will learn to teach yoga to all levels and abilities as well as some specialty groups.

Is it a big deal if I miss one of the weekends?

Yes, it is. It is difficult to make up weekends as massive amounts of material are covered. Additionally, you lose the continuity of the program, which is crucial to the experience. We have made exceptions for things like weddings and births and in these special cases; there is a makeup policy in place.