Heal From Within.

With over 60 qualified yoga teachers and gifted wellness practitioners, Sol Yoga offers a wide range of private appointments to help you meet your health and wellness needs. 


Booking Private Appointments

To book your private session, please email kimberlyn@solyoga.org with a request for services.  We will reply within 24 hours.  If you have limited or specific availability or requests, please be sure to share those to expedite the booking process. 


Private yoga lessons for 1-2 people

Do you have specific needs or goals, limited schedule, or just prefer 1:1 instruction?  Our private yoga lessons can be completely tailored to your desires. Want to perfect a pose, learn to meditate, reduce pain in your body, learn about yoga philosophy?  

$60 for 30 minutes   |    $75 for 45 min   |   $90 for 60 min   |   $100 for 75 minutes


Now offering Phisiyoga, Aerial Yoga, Coaching, Nutrition, Thai Massage & More. 




Reiki is a stress reduction technique that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal while laying on the treatment table. By helping the body reduce the negative impact of stress, Reiki promotes faster healing, reduces intensity and frequency of pain, relieves chronic pain, reduces anxiety, and improves sleep. A non-invasive treatment, Reiki is done fully clothed and is appropriate for a wide range of conditions. Our Reiki practitioner, Kandi Austin, is a Level III Reiki practitioner. Click here to book an appointment or email kimberlyn@solyoga.org for more information.

$75 for 45 min   |   $90 for 60 min   |   $100 for 75 minutes


semi private yoga lessons

Want to practice with friends, gather co-workers, have a bridal party, or simply share the cost of private yoga lessons.  We can come to you, or you may schedule a session in our beautiful studios.  

$30 per person for 3-4 people    |   $20 per person for 5 or more people. 



The ancient science of Ayurveda is available to you at Sol Yoga. Personal consultations from our resident certified Ayurvedic practitioners, visiting physicians and more. Email erin@solyoga.org for details. 


positional therapy

Positional therapy is a hands-on practice in which the practitioner guides the recipient in exploring the shapes the body makes through out the daily practice of living. This support service is used to rebalance the Neromuscular relationship by bringing ease to areas of pain, discomfort, or restricted mobility. Sessions include restorative postures and extended pauses to engage the para-sympathetic nervous system and techniques for redefining and rebalancing the Musco-skeletal body. Click here to book an appointment or email kimberlyn@solyoga.org for more information.

$100 for 60 min   |   $130 for 75 minutes